Sunglass brands we sell

Why being an independent optician affects the sunglass brands we sell

We sell a wide variety of sunglasses at all price points. As an independent optician, Scarborows attend optical trade shows to hand-pick the sunglasses that we love. We are not tied to any specific brands like the big chains.

Below is only a selection of sunglass brands that we sell. If you want a specific brand of glasses or sunglasses, please ask as we might be able to order it for you.

Read about prescription sunglasses and other lenses available.

Read about polarised sunglasses and sports sunglasses.

Sunglass brands we sell


Bevel use high quality materials such as titanium to produce lightweight glasses. They are modern and minimal with splashes of colour. They do a great range for petite faces.

Charles Stone New York

Charles Stone New York is a small range of affordable glasses that appeal to those who prefer simple and stylish glasses. You can also get them with a metallic clip-on sunglass.

Cocoa Mint

Cocoa Mint are a UK company who make gorgeous and glamorous sunglasses, sold at an affordable price point. They are flattering and comfortable to wear. One of our more popular brands.


Eco frames are made from 95% recycled metal and recycled ocean plastics. They are lightweight and stylish and you can buy a metallic clip-on which will turn them into a sunglass. They also plant a tree for every frame sold!


A brand just for men, Jensen make modern and design-led frames. Designed by a British company.

Land Rover

Land Rover sunglasses are ideal for style-conscious men. Lenses offer 100% UVA, UVB and UVC protection and are polarised for comfort. Also suitable for prescription lenses.

Oakley sunglasses - woman wearing sunglasses under blue sky


Oakley are perfect for active people, or anyone who demands comfort and performance. Their renowned lens technology gives high contrast, which is superbly comfortable for any use from driving to all sports. Oakley fit your face and head shape perfectly too. Lightweight, strong and stylish. Oakley are now available with a new Authentic Prescription lens.


Polaroid sunglasses are the inventor of the technology that changed sunglasses – polarised lenses. These lenses reduce glare and eye fatigue whilst increasing contrast. Affordable and functional!


Ray-Ban. An icon in eyewear style, performance & fashion. You can now enjoy Genuine Ray-Ban prescription lenses, guaranteed to look and perform exactly as any Ray-Ban should.


Silhouette are high quality glasses from Austria that are extremely lightweight so very comfortable to wear. They specialise in rimless (invisible) frames but more recently they offer a wider variety of styles and colours.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford was Creative Director at Gucci in the 1990s and launched his own label in 2005. He is now considered an icon of high fashion. His luxury sunglasses are elegant and always glamorous.


WOOW (pronounced woo) is a Parisian eyewear company with chic designs and vibrant colours. Designed in Paris and handcrafted in Italy, each frame has a little message on the tips, created to make you smile in the morning!