Ear wax removal

Scarborows Opticians & Hearing Care in Felixstowe have partnered with The Hearing Care Partnership to offer audiology services including ear wax removal.

How much does ear wax removal cost?

A wax removal appointment is subject to a flat fee of £70, regardless of the method used, or whether wax is removed from one ear, both ears or no wax is found.

Your hearing expert will remove any excess ear wax using the method or methods that are best suited to your individual needs. Our ear wax removal service also includes a quick hearing health check at no additional cost.

When is ear wax a problem?

Ear wax (cerumen) contains antibacterial agents and plays a vital part in preventing infections in your ears. It also traps dust and other foreign bodies, as well as keeping the skin in your ears moisturised. Small amounts of ear wax are normal and healthy, and it usually works its way out of your ear on its own.

However, ear wax can sometimes block your ear, bringing on symptoms including temporary hearing loss, ringing or itchiness. This is most commonly caused by it being pushed into the ear canal by a cotton bud or similar items.

The ear is an extremely sensitive and delicate organ, so wax should only ever be removed by a trained, experienced professional – please never try to do it yourself. Fewer and fewer GP surgeries now provide ear wax removal, but our expert audiologist is available to help you with your hearing needs.

How is ear wax removed?

Our fully qualified audiologist is trained to try to remove ear wax and simply and safely using one of three methods. Which method is best for you will depend upon the level of wax build-up and pre-existing ear conditions you may have. Your audiologist will explain everything in detail before using any removal method.

During your appointment, our audiologist will also perform a free quick hearing test to assess your hearing and hearing health.

Manual removal of ear wax

Manual ear wax removal is suitable for removing a small amount of wax that has built up near the entrance of your ear canal.

A long thin tool with a circular tip, called a Jobson Horne, is used to gently lift the wax from the ear.
Man having ear wax removed manually

Microsuction removal of ear wax

Microsuction is a relatively new technique, but is the cleanest and safest method of wax removal. Wearing a magnifying headset, the audiologist carefully inserts a very thin suction tube into the ear canal.

The tube is connected to what is effectively a vacuum unit, which then draws wax and other debris out of the ear canal.
Microsuction of ear wax

Water irrigation removal of ear wax

Water irrigation is not the same as the old “syringing” method, instead using a small irrigation unit that is safer, gentler and more effective.

The irrigation unit uses water heated to body temperature (37°C) which is sent out at low pressure into the ear canal.

This flushes out any debris in the ear canal, and is used to remove larger quantities of ear wax.

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Man having ear wax removed through water irrigation