£40 Off Anti-Glare Driving Lenses

Man driving at dusk wearing driving lenses - advertising Hoya EnRoute driving lenses



Do you find it difficult to drive at night? We can help you.


Until 31st March 2024, we are offering you £40 off Hoya’s EnRoute Driving Lenses.


These lenses have been specially designed to reduce glare and bright lights when driving.


Read more about these new and very useful lenses below.

Driving at night can be scary

Did you know that 40% of accidents occur at night, even though we only spend 25% of our driving time at night?

A survey by the EyeCare Trust showed that 31% of people avoided night-time driving because of safety concerns. The RAC found that 65% of motorists are regularly dazzled by oncoming headlights, whilst 58% of motorists believe they are at risk of having an accident due to the glare. The majority of drivers felt it took up to 5 seconds before they could see clearly again.

Honestly – only 65%?!

Do you suffer with glare from oncoming headlights? Do you find it difficult to drive at night? 

It’s one of the comments we hear most from our patients.

We’ve got something to help you with that.

Hoya’s EnRoute driving lenses.

They combine a premium lens (both single vision and varifocal are available) with a specially developed Glare Filter and an optional Contrast-Enhancing Filter. This reduces reflections and glare from new brighter LED and Xenon headlights and helps with night driving, even in poor light and bad weather. These lenses provide:

    • Significant reduction of reflections and uncomfortable glare from oncoming traffic;
    • Improved contrast and brightness perception in low-light conditions, fog and rain;
    • Clear, unimpaired vision in the far distance, of the dashboard and in mirror;
    • Smooth, fast switching of focus between distances.

There is also a Pro version developed specially for professional drivers, or those who want additional support and a more relaxing driving experience. The Pro version offers all the benefits of EnRoute and adds:

  • A contrast-enhancing filter for improved contrast and colour perception, and even better glare reduction;
  • A lens design that considers both the wearer’s vision and viewing distance to the dashboard, for a natural, relaxed driving posture.

They really are a life changer!

£40 off these brilliant anti-glare driving lenses

Until 31st March 2024, we are offering £40 off these brilliant ant-glare driving lenses. 

See the difference:

Normal lenses

EnRoute lenses

EnRoute Pro lenses


Lenses for glasses - Driving car with bright headlights coming towards them
Reduced glare with EnRoute Standard lenses daytime
Lenses for glasses - Driving a car wearing driving lenses so reflection is reduced


Reduced glare with EnRoute Standard lenses daytime
Reduced glare from lights with EnRoute driving lenses at night
Greatly reduced glare with EnRoute Pro driving lenses night time

What else can you do to reduce glare?

Here are four more things that can help you to reduce glare when driving at night:

  1. Make sure your windscreen is clean – inside and out.
  2. Dim your dashboard lights.
  3. Use the night setting on the rear view mirror (if you have one).
  4. Don’t look directly at the oncoming headlights.
Man driving with low sun needs anti-glare driving lenses